Big Picture Analysis™

Big Picture Analysis™

Creative thinking, Lifetime Cashflow modelling, analysis and technical report preparation.

Lifetime Cash Flow Modelling

Building your bespoke lifetime cash flow forecast, what if scenarios and personal Timeline. Analysing different models and assumptions, producing shortfall calculations, capacity for loss calculations and required investment returns. Mapping results and likelihood of objectives and personal goals being met. Assessment of current and potential tax liabilities and how these can be managed and planned for. Analysis of future income streams, net worth and shortfalls.

Pulling together and adding in the results from the Deep Data Harvest™, technical analysis and any follow up discussions.

Technical Report Production

Production of any necessary regulatory technical reports and comparisons, such as pension transfer value comparator, critical yield analysis, hurdle rates and financial product recommendation suitability reports. The preparation of Key Features documentation and personal illustrations.

Integrated Wealth Management Plan™

Coming to and documenting the conclusions drawn and the initial actions that should be taken. The blueprint from which future actions and our work together will flow.


Integrated Financial Planning

All of us have things that we would like to achieve in our lives, whether two, five or ten years down the line, or perhaps we may want to leave a legacy of some kind. But in order to realise these dreams, we need to be both focused and financially organised.

Wealth Management

Our team of experts will provide you with a high-level professional service, taking a holistic approach in co-ordinating all areas of financial management, planning and investment advice, to ensure your wealth is always working for you.


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