Deep Data Harvest™

Deep Data Harvest™

In depth data gathering, fact checking and number crunching.

Integrated Financial Audit™

A detailed audit of all your existing financial arrangements. This is done by writing direct to the providers concerned and will include obtaining detailed information such as plan histories, underlying fund breakdowns, cost and charges detail, taxation liabilities, contract terms and projections of future benefits.

Where occupational pension schemes are involved, we will write to scheme administrators for benefit statements and Cash Equivalent Transfer Value “CETVs” and full breakdowns of the benefits in question, including early retirement and normal retirement projections, scheme rules and actuarial reports.

We will also begin to analyse your expenditure patterns, future spending requirements and how your resources can be used to meet with these.

When appropriate, we will undertake a full analysis and back testing of your existing invested assets including historic returns, risk measures, costs and comparisons with benchmark.

This work is very detailed, can be very complex and is often time consuming.

FinaMetrica Risk Profiling

A question set designed to gauge your overall attitude toward investment risk and capacity for loss.

Living with Purpose Scorecards™

When appropriate, we will introduce self-test Scorecard(s) that will give us a guide to the areas we need to initially concentrate our activity on and a benchmark by which future progress can be measured.

Integrated Financial Planning

All of us have things that we would like to achieve in our lives, whether two, five or ten years down the line, or perhaps we may want to leave a legacy of some kind. But in order to realise these dreams, we need to be both focused and financially organised.

Wealth Management

Our team of experts will provide you with a high-level professional service, taking a holistic approach in co-ordinating all areas of financial management, planning and investment advice, to ensure your wealth is always working for you.


At Affinity Integrated Wealth Management we always encourage feedback from our clients as their opinions on our work are of paramount importance to us. Please take a look at our testimonials page to read some of the comments that we have received.