About Us

What Makes Us Different

It is about the person first, not the money

True Comprehensive Lifestyle Financial Planning takes the approach that the person is far more important than the money. Now this may seem very obvious, but in reality, how often is this practised by most Advisory Firms and Investment Managers?

Financial products such as investments and pensions are important yes, but they should come at the end of the process, not the beginning. There are many other related matters that need to be taken into account as part of the bigger picture that do not directly involve investing money – hence the comprehensive nature of the True Lifestyle Financial Planning we undertake here at AIWM.

We are different because we start with you, your objectives, your family and your plan, not your money. The plan comes before the portfolio.

We believe strongly in what we do and the difference it can make. We are steadfast in our approach and studious in our pursuit of doing what is right for each and every Client. At the same time we do not take ourselves too seriously and believe that the whole process can be fun.

Whilst we sit at the centre of and co-ordinate and manage most of our Client’s financial affairs, we understand that we don’t know everything and have therefore spent many years building trusted relationships with “best of breed” business partners that we can call on and work closely with when needed in the associated fields of Law, Accountancy, Tax, Trusts, Investment Research, Banking, Trading Platforms, Fund Management and Technology – our “Genus Professional Network™”.

Working with us will give you privileged access to our Genus Professional Network™.