Investment Philosophy


We take the responsibility of investing your money very seriously indeed. It is important to us that you therefore have an understanding of the approach we take, the philosophy behind the decisions we make and the processes we use when building and managing investment portfolios.

The Affinity Integrated Investment Philosophy™ builds on long established and proven investment methodologies and blends these with the very latest academic research, technological developments and innovations in research capability.

It is a philosophy that provides a robust, dependable and repeatable investment process that puts our clients at the very centre of all the decisions we make.

The Affinity Integrated Investment Philosophy™ centres around seven key principles:

  • Objectives – your specific needs and desires
  • Risk – How much risk are you prepared and able to take
  • Loss – What losses are you prepared and able to accept
  • Time – How long you expect the monies to be invested for
  • Asset Allocation – Not having all your eggs in one basket; spreading risk
  • Instrument Selection – Whats funds are to be held, in what structure and what proportion
  • Review & Re-balancing – Keeping your plans on track

Our Independent Research Facility

We believe in independence, independence of thought as well as independence from investment product or company influence. This is why our Affinity investment mandates are constructed using independent systems and data research from our multi award winning partners, Independent Strategic Research LLP.

This enables us to sort through the torrent of global investment data, media and market noise, as well as fund manager marketing hype and to concentrate on what is vital and relevant to our clients. It also means that we can remain agnostic about Passive versus Active investment management and the investment instruments we use.

We are able to focus on what we believe is really important; enhancing portfolio performance; protecting the downside and helping our clients meet with their objectives and live their live with purpose. Our research team are responsible for global investment mandates in excess of £3 billion.

Our London based independent research team, which consists of over 20 staff are backed by the Affinity Investment Committee which is Chaired by Ian S Painter and meets quarterly to review portfolio mandates, micro and macro-economic factors, geopolitical risk, performance and overall investment portfolio strategy.

Integrated Financial Planning

All of us have things that we would like to achieve in our lives, whether two, five or ten years down the line, or perhaps we may want to leave a legacy of some kind. But in order to realise these dreams, we need to be both focused and financially organised.

Wealth Management

Our team of experts will provide you with a high-level professional service, taking a holistic approach in co-ordinating all areas of financial management, planning and investment advice, to ensure your wealth is always working for you.


At Affinity Integrated Wealth Management we always encourage feedback from our clients as their opinions on our work are of paramount importance to us. Please take a look at our testimonials page to read some of the comments that we have received.