The vast majority of our new Clients come to us via a personal referral from an existing client. Occasionally they come to us via a fellow professional with whom we work, such as a solicitor or accountant. These potential new clients usually already have some idea of what we do and how we do it. They may not fully appreciate yet what true lifestyle financial planning is, but they have seen the impact it can have. Often the new clients will also have an idea of the type and depth of data that will be required and the type of questions that we will ask. 


Ready, steady, go

Gerry is such a case in point. Referred to us by an existing long-standing client, Gerry, who works in the City of London, is an exceptionally busy person. His services are in high demand, he runs a big team of people and is responsible for a very significant income stream into the professional practice for which he works. Gerry had been through a significant life-changing event that had had a significant impact on his financial resources. In effect, he had to rebuild his wealth from scratch.

We love working with people like Gerry. He understands the importance of the work we do and is motivated to get things done. With our help, he was very quickly able to articulate what he wants out of life, what is important to him and when he wants to achieve this. He knows he has to work hard to rebuild his wealth and that there is no quick fix; it will require time, effort and planning to achieve. 


Get engaged, get results

Gerry was completely engaged in the financial planning process. He realised that the sooner he took action, the sooner he could live the life he wanted and meet his objectives.

Whenever we asked for further information or clarification during the Discovery Process, he would be straight onto it. Generally speaking, we would have the required response within 24 hours. Gerry consistently takes action and, as a consequence, gets results. 

We do not doubt at all that Gerry will meet all of his objectives and probably much sooner than originally planned. As his plan progresses, he will probably expand his goals to match the growth in his wealth and his belief in the process. Gerry is well on the way to “Living Life with Purpose.”  



Gerry was unusual in that he already had a very good understanding of what he wanted when he came to us. With some people, attaining clarity can be a long, thought-provoking process. Sometimes it can take many months. There is nothing wrong with that approach either – we are all different. 

Many people have never taken the time to stop and think about what they truly want. Not just the material things, but the emotional aspects too. Take time to think. Take time to plan. And, most important of all – take action.